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Yuki 102 トランプを奪え ( Game Theory, SG Value )

No.102 トランプを奪え - yukicoder題意: 四種花色堆四疊,每疊張數 1 至 13 張,輪流操作玩一場遊戲。一次操作需選擇一疊,並抽走 1 至 3 張,納入自己的手牌。若取得了該疊最後一張,就能奪走對手的手牌,使對手手排只剩原本的一半,向下取整。張數多的贏…

Range Mex

Mex ( minimum excludant ), has an interesting property in game theory, where an sprague grundy value of a state in a fair game can be deduced from the mex of the sg-values of all the states it could reach in the next step.The definition of…